It's time to start thinking about Preschool 7 Kindergarten for the upcoming school year! To find out what preschool options are available in your community to to pre-register your child for kindergarten, please schedule an appointment to have your child screened.

Project HELP and the Kansas School District offer free developmental screenings to provide parents the opportunity to discover how their child is developing in the areas of speech, language, concepts and motor skills.  Vision and hearing screenings will also be provided, free of charge!

Signed parent/guardian permission is required. Screenings are required for possible enrollment in the Project H.E.L.P. preschool classroom. 

To pre-register your child for kindergarten, please bring a certified copy of his/her birth certificate, social security number, proof of residence and emergency contact numbers. A physical with immunization records, dental and vision exams will be accepted, if available. 

Thursday, February 17

Kansas School New Gym

For appointment call Angela Haynes at 217-948-5174