1. Go to:
2. Enter email address under “Create Free Membership” in center of
screen and click “Join Now”. Once a membership is created, you do
not have to do this again.
3. Enter all pertinent information and create a password. Make sure
you pick the correct time zone (we are in CST) and click Continue.
4. Your account should now be set up and you are back to the Home
screen for your account.
5. At the top of the screen is a space to enter the name TCT on the
“Find Your School” line.
6. As you type in TCT, a list will develop of schools and TCT Co-Op
should be at the top.
7. Choose TCT Co-Op (it says Hume, IL but that is ok) and then click
on the search icon (magnifying glass).
8. The TCT page will now come up and the Upcoming Games will be
there on the screen in the boxes near the lower part of the
screen. Choose the one you want to watch by clicking on the box
with the game info in it. If it is early, a countdown clock will pop
up showing how much time is left before start of the game.
9. When the game is over and you want to logoff, go to “Account” in
upper right corner and log off.
10. There should be no charge to watch any TCT events this year.