Ever considered mentoring? We need you! Check out the flier and let Jennifer know if you are the next person to help shape a student's life. 

The goal of the program is to facilitate a meaningful one-on-one program to assist our youth in developing positive social and behavioral skills, increased self-esteem, while encouraging better grades and better school attendance.

The PERK Mentoring Program is geared toward Kansas K through 8th grade students and will take place at the school during lunch times. Mentors commit to eating lunch with their mentees at least twice a month for the school year.

What is a Mentor?

*Good listener

* Caring Adult (age 18 and over)

*Positive Influence

* Advocate

* Friend


  • A mentor is not a counselor, Not a tutor, or Nor a disciplinarian.
  • Ready to make a difference?
  • We welcome you to contact us for more information.

Contact: Mrs. Jennifer Bonawitt

Perk Program Coordinator Trainee

734-347-1599  or Call Kansas School  217-948-5174